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20's Drop Arm Sofa

1920’s Drop Arm Sofa

These were extremely popular in the early 1900’s, therefore, we see a lot of them. A sofa that can turn into a chaise long and an occasional bed. The arm has a substantial metal mechanism to ‘drop’ the arm.

The quality of build is extremely robust, I know this from experience as I have owned one for over twenty years.  Mine has moved house at least three times and has lived in the lounge, hall, bedroom, holiday cottage and now sits in the kitchen.  Kids have used it as a climbing frame and I sat on it last night – it’s in perfect condition.  A 100-year-old sofa – Truly amazing.

Howard Chair Blue Velvet

Howard Chair

Howard Chairs have the international reputation of being the ‘Rolls Royce of chairs. Established in 1820 as Howard & Sons, made in London to order they are built using traditional methods. The timeless design we have seen these chairs occasionally for 30 years.

Howard Chair Blue Velvet

This one we restored in blue velvet for our customer.