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COVID-19 Update

Updated 07-04-22

We are retiring this page. Thank you for all your support over the past couple of years, we are operating as normal again – to a healthy future.
– Barry and Jo Griffiths and the team at BJU.

We Are Open!

Updated 22-12-21

We are working as normal in the workshops following the latest government guidelines. We are experiencing some delivery delays and availability of products but in the main all operating as normal. We have about an 8-12 week lead time at the moment. It’s best to book jobs in advance to allow for any delays. Producing beautiful reupholstery – see our latest work –

Updated 21-7-21

After ‘freedom day’ on the 19th, we are open and the shop is open too. It’s been nice to see a few walk-in customers :).
Our website is updated every week so you should be able to find what you want there and have the option to request a call back to a visit etc. Keep safe everybody.

Updated 16-6-21

We are operating as normal following the latest government guidance. The shop is open but we always appreciate you making an appointment so we can make sure someone is available. Reach out with your specific questions or quote requests.

Updated 5-5-21

With some restrictions possibly been lifted we are pleased to welcome customers into our Darlington shop. Kindly make an appointment to ensure someone will meet you to assist with selecting fabrics etc. We are really busy so please bear in mind that we tend to run on a 6-8 week lead time.

We can advise on the phone/email and operate a really great postal fabric sample service. Get in contact, we will be glad to assist.

Updated 6-1-21

We are open and operating safely. Following government guidelines, we are working safely in the workshop but the shop is closed to visitors. We can post our fabric samples, drop off fabric sample books and visit clients homes or businesses following the latest government guidelines.

We can often quote for a restoration job or reupholstery based photographs or short video, indeed we have inspected furniture via FaceTime. Book a call here

Updated 15-12-20

It’s still here. COVID-19 is slowing our progress down a little, delivery delays and some occasional shortages but as a whole, we are operating close to normal. We may be behind schedule with some jobs. We follow the government guidelines, we can visit you at home or work to quote and offer advice. Recently we have been quoting based on photos etc too. Visitors to the shop should book an appointment, please request here.

Updated 14-10-20

We are following the government guidelines.  We provide Contactless Delivery, Instore Pickup and Curbside Pickup.

We can quote for a restoration or reupholstery job based on photographs and video, in addition, we are able to safely visit businesses and homes following government guidelines.

Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

Updated 23-9-20

Working safely, it’s best to make an appointment to visit the shop. We have hand sanitiser by the door should you visit. #KeepSafe.

Update 12-8-20

We are trading safely and following government guidelines. Reach out to us with your requirements and any special COVID related requests.

The shop in Clarks Yard is open to the public. We suggest you make an appointment for Jo or Barry to meet you there as we can be out working, delivering or visiting customers. Our contacts.

Update 25-7-20

Wearing face coverings is required now. If you would like to visit our shop we suggest you contact us to make an appointment. We can quote based on photographs too and post out fabric samples. Contact us via this website or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. PS – We have a nice offer if you can wait a little longer for your job.

Update 17-6-20

The shop is open following government guidelines. We suggest you do contact us to make an appointment though. Jo Griffiths is available to provide reupholstery estimates, guide you on fabric choices and restoration and reupholstery jobs – contact us via this website or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Update 6-5-20

Good News || Another of our fabric suppliers – Ross Fabrics – are to open a couple of days per week. Linwood Fabrics are operating and supporting us with fabric samples and orders. Our foam and padding supplier is operational too, so we are getting by OK. Remember delivery and post are slow but arriving OK.
*All following government guidelines.

We are available to provide reupholstery estimates – contact us via this website or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

The shop is closed but the workshop is still ongoing, we are working to produce our customer’s items on schedule following government guidelines.

Currently, we have a three-month lead time but can fit some smaller jobs in, for example, new foam cushions etc. Larger jobs can be booked in as normal, our fabric and parts suppliers are still open.

Contact Us

Do reach out if you have any questions. Wishing you well and #KeepSafe, Barry and Jo.