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How much did it cost to reupholster your sofa?

Price depends on the condition therefore the amount of time to strip and restore the springs and padding etc.

The main element that contributes to cost is the fabric, how much you need (a deep button back sofa like the one show will use more fabric) and the cost of fabric per metre.

Three Seater Sofa

When we strip a sofa or chair we are able to see all the joints and clips etc that hold the frame together and attach the springs and in some cases mechanisms.  So, often we can’t tell exactly how much work is involved.  Therefore we assume some internal repairs are required and factor this in to the cost to reupholster your furniture.

How to clean your upholstered furniture

There are ways of dealing with sofa cover marks but always check the label first to save yourself any mistakes.

Every week: a once over with the vacuum will keep your upholstered furniture looking nicer for longer. Use the appropriate tools and try to get right into all the nooks and crannies.

Clean loose covers: Simply pull them off and clean them – hurrah. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions – some covers may be dry clean only. If they are washable, replace the covers when they are slightly damp (but not wet) to recreate the shape and fit.

Clean washable fixed covers: A mild solution of washing-up liquid or laundry detergent and warm water should shift unsightly marks. Test it on a hidden area first and allow to dry to check it won’t damage the fabric. Take care not to get the area too wet and dry as quickly as you can – dab off what you can with a dry cloth, open windows or even get the hairdryer out. A slightly stronger cleaner for upholstery is vinegar – dab neat white vinegar onto the stain, then follow with a mild soap solution, followed by plenty of clean water and dry quickly, as above.