Cintique chair

Cintique Chairs Restored Including Wood Frame

Cintique Restoration Specialists

Since 1908, Cintique has been renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality, comfortable chairs and sofas. Our expert team is dedicated to preserving this legacy by offering comprehensive restoration and reupholstery services for Cintique furniture.

We recently had the pleasure of restoring and reupholstering a beautiful pair of Cintique chairs, tailored precisely to our customer’s specifications. The frames, worn and scratched after 40 years of use, were meticulously re-varnished, and the upholstery was fully renewed, resulting in a stunning transformation.

Our expertise extends beyond Cintique; we specialise in restoring all furniture brands, including all quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings. Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique – George Smith – Wesley-Barrell – Tetrad Furniture – Delcore – Heals designer sofa – Jane Churchill – Multiyork – commercial too.

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Parker Knoll Chair

Parker Knoll

A beautifully restored pair of exposed wood Parker Knoll fireside or occasional chairs. We meticulously stripped and waxed the frames, bringing out the natural grain and lustre of the wood. The chairs have been expertly reupholstered, blending timeless elegance with modern comfort.

A pair of Parker Knoll exposed wood chairs. We wood-stripped and waxed the frame and Reupholstered.

Parker Knoll Chairs before

We tend not to publish the “before” images often as they can make our website pages look a bit drab. However, I think this pair of Parker Knoll chairs made in 1950 justifies showing you what we can produce. Consider how much service this pair of chairs has given over the last 74 years. After our restoration, you can see how great they look, how sturdy they feel, and how comfortable they are. This usable pair of chairs are a design icon and from an environmental standpoint It’s the perfect way to furnish your home, and from a design standpoint, why wouldn’t you want something beautiful, interesting, and unique in your home?

Ercol 2 seater


A customer purchased this Ercol two-seater sofa from an online auction and sent it to us for restoration. We reupholstered it and added new cushions as requested. To give it a more contemporary look, we made the cushion depth deeper. All the foam was renewed and wrapped in Dacron to create a soft yet firm seating experience. We have transformed this iconic two-seater sofa into a modern, functional piece that looks like a work of art.

We love Ercol Furniture yeah!

B.J Upholstery Reupholstery Expert

For when it needs to be perfect

We restore and reupholster quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings. Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique – George Smith – Wesley-Barrell – Tetrad Furniture – Delcore – Heals designer sofa – Jane Churchill – Multiyork – commercial too.

Snub armed bedroom chair in Linwood fabric.

Bedroom Chair

Upholstered in a Linwood Tweed Fabric this occasional chair, around 20 years old, is ideal as a bedroom chair with its medium-deep 10-button back detail, snub arms, and featured wooden legs. Despite its relatively young age, it carries the style essence of Georgian or early Victorian eras.

With its curvaceous design, including a front cushion that gently curves under your legs, wings, snub arms, and a beautifully curved back, this chair exudes timeless elegance. It’s well-proportioned, fitting snugly into smaller rooms, bay windows or kitchens, and makes for a delightful addition to any bedroom. We’re delighted to complete the upholstery job for our customers.

National Service Reupholstery Experts. High-Quality Reupholstery. We restore and reupholster quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings – for when it needs to be perfect –



This is an IKEA sofa our customer purchased while living abroad. It’s at least 20 years old. When we stripped the sofa down to its frame, we found it was in very good condition, indicating a good-quality build. As designed by our customer we reupholstered the sofa in a delicate blue leaf pattern linen fabric, and we think it looks lovely. A fresh design on an old sofa let’s see what we can do for you.

An Oversized Armchair.

An Oversized Armchair.

Welcome to our quick flyover video showcasing the reupholstered oversized chair. Covered in a Ross fabric, giving it a fresh new quality and bespoke design feel. National Service Reupholstery Experts. High-Quality Reupholstery. We restore and reupholster quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings – for when it needs to be perfect –


Duresta Reupholstery and Repair Specialist

Duresta sofas and chairs often visit our workshop.

Duresta has been established for 80 years, and we appreciate the quality construction and care to detail.

At BJU, we specialise in reupholstery alteration and repair to Duresta, where we skillfully restore furniture to its former glory or alter based on customer requirements. An example is when we meticulously replaced the arm fabric (provided by Duresta) and facing that had become a target for our feline friends’ claws. Employing our expertise, we deconstructed the damaged areas and replaced the original fabric, leaving your furniture looking and feeling as new.

Indeed we’re able to customize the frame size of all sofas to suit your specific needs. We re-sized a Duresta three-seater sofa to perfectly fit a bay window.

Jo thanks so much my furniture is amazing. I’m absolutely over the moon. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to family and friends.

Pauline, Chester-le-Street.

Howard & Sons Chairs

Howard & Sons Chairs

Reupholstering Your Howard & Sons Chairs with BJ Upholstery of Darlington

Nestled in the heart of Darlington lies a hidden gem of craftsmanship, where tradition meets expertise. BJ Upholstery of Darlington is an excellence in the realm of furniture restoration and upholstery mastery. Specialising in the rejuvenation of Howard & Sons chairs, straight from the heritage of London, BJ Upholstery is more than just a workshop; it’s a sanctuary for your cherished pieces of furniture.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At BJ Upholstery, craftsmanship is a passion that flows through every stitch, every detail, and every restoration project. With a legacy spanning three decades, Barry Griffiths honed his skills to perfection, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation to traditionally restore your beloved Howard & Sons chairs.

Specialists in Reupholstery

Your Howard & Sons chairs deserve nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what BJ Upholstery offers. As specialists in reupholstery, we understand the tradition of these iconic chairs, ensuring that each fabric choice, each stitch, and each layer of padding is meticulously crafted to restore your chairs to their original glory.

Upholstery Expertise Unmatched

When it comes to upholstery, expertise is paramount, and BJ Upholstery is a family business with a keen eye for detail. From selecting the finest fabrics I’m following traditional techniques using modern methods as required. Whether it’s a simple refresh or a complete restoration, trust BJ Upholstery to complete the job perfectly.

Restoration Wizards

Preserving the heritage of your Howard & Sons chairs is our utmost priority. With a deep respect for the history and craftsmanship embedded within each piece, our restoration processes employ gentle yet effective methods to breathe new life into your chairs while retaining their original charm. From repairing structural integrity to bespoke additions and trims, BJ Upholstery takes pride in preserving the essence of these timeless treasures.

Experience the BJ Upholstery Difference

When it comes to entrusting your Howard & Sons chairs to experts, look no further than BJ Upholstery of Darlington. With a dedication to excellence and preserving heritage, we invite you to experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and personalised service that define us. Let BJ Upholstery restore and reupholster your cherished furniture and create new memories for generations to come.

Please reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements or to book an appointment with Barry and Jo Griffiths and the team at BJ Upholstery | 01325 483817


Areas We Cover.

We are often asked about the areas we cover for furniture collection. In general, we provide a national service, but our collections are primarily in Darlington, North Yorkshire, and up to Newcastle. However, we have also had customers ship furniture to us from Portugal, Ireland, and France, so location isn’t a problem as long as you can get the furniture to us. We offer free, expert advice on reupholstery and restoration jobs, and we can guide you on how to ship your furniture to us. It’s simpler than you might think. Feel free to contact Jo Griffiths at BJ Upholstery to discuss your requirements.

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Contact Jo Griffiths Β 01325 483817. M. 07488 326432.


Footstool with a button top

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we have a fondness for footstools. This particular footstool, likely dating back to the 1960s, was discovered by one of our customers and sent to us for refurbishment and reupholstery following specific design styling including a neatly spaced button top. We also cleaned and polished its light-coloured wooden legs.

Custom-Made Bespoke Sectional Sofas

Bespoke Modular Sectional Sofa Set

This video showcases our exquisite bespoke modular sectional sofa set, meticulously crafted to tailor-fit any space. Seating Configurations: Our versatile design offers configurations including a loveseat, chaise, three-seater sofa, and the flexibility to configure any number of seats into a corner sofa or an L-shape. Each section ingeniously incorporates a storage box, minimising wasted space. Additionally, you can personalise your design with any configuration and our optional slot-in arm feature. Ideal for apartments, offices, living rooms, and bedrooms seeking both style and space optimisation, our sectional sofa set offers unparalleled versatility. Available in a wide range of fabrics, with optional integrated lighting and numerous customisation options, it seamlessly integrates into any interior aesthetic. Thanks to its modular design, delivery to any location is easy, allowing a better seating option in larger spaces and the trickiest spaces.

We are pleased to offer a complimentary consultation and personalised advice to help you create your ideal modular sofa set. To schedule a telephone appointment, please reach out to Jo Griffiths.

Curved Buttoned Back Wing Chair

Curved Wing Chair

Timeless British Charm: The Curved Buttoned Back Wing Chair

Admiring the style of this buttoned beauty! Our customer chose to keep the original leather on the back and swap the seat, platform, and arms with a classy plaid fabric. It’s a stunning upgrade that looks perfect in its new home.