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What does it cost to reupholster?

The cost to reupholster depends on the time taken to complete the job, parts and collection/delivery.

Here is an idea …

What does it cost to reupholster?’ All guide prices are plus the cost of fabric as fabric costs range from £60-£200+ per meter or you can provide your own fabric.  We will usually view the furniture to establish the most cost-effective way to complete the job.  Sending a photograph or video can be useful too, start a conversation with us. For national customers, we will estimate based on the provided photographs and will advise you of any additional charges. 

All types of repairs. Our Uplift, repair, and return service will fix the most common problems like broken frames, replace springs and repair the under-seat platform.  Ask for a specific quote. Prices include repair parts but may require additional parts like new bespoke foams or sprung units – please ask for a quote.  The uplift and repair service is £650.  Ask for a specific estimate.  The benefit of booking our Uplift/Repair service is that we service your furniture whilst it’s here erradicating possible repair jobs in the future.  Id say a serviced sofa today will add ten years to its use. 

Depending on the detail – a plainly upholstered footstool with no stitching is from £250, with stitching about £350 and with a lid and top about £450.  A large trefoil footstool, for example, will be about £800.

An average sofa to strip restore and reupholster will be in the region of £1200.
– Sofa and two matching chairs start at £3300.

We nearly always replace the frame padding and foams, check and replace as required the springs and make good the frame joints.  This is included in the price.

A small occasional chair is from £350 to an average of about £1900 completed; depending on any structural work required, sprung units to install and repairs etc. A Parker Knoll chair, for example, is usually £800 completed.

A Victorian chaise will require the framework checked, and the sprung base unit and coils restored. We restore using modern versions of traditional methods. The cost usually is in the region of £1500 – £2000.

Dining Chair Seat Pads.
Dining chair seat pads are usually about £85 – £125 each. Some require frame repairs or replacements, and most will require new seat pad foam as once removed the older padding tends to degrade and a new firm foam pad forms the shape better against the new fabric. Padding is included in the price but new seat pads are not because of the different sizes and types that may be required.  New seat foams are usually about £50.

High Back Dining Chair. Kingston Chair.
Sometimes called a Kingston chair we reupholster these very popular chairs often, the price for most is in the region of £140 – £180. Again; padding and joint checks are all included.  If a full new seat foam is required (often not) this is extra.

Replacement seat foams

Using your own fabric.
You can provide your own fabric as long as it is of an upholstery standard.
Our ‘Total Satisfaction Guarantee’ does not cover customer-provided fabrics though.  If there is an issue with customer-provided fabric we will have to charge to rectify it.  We do not use second-rate fabric for obvious reasons. Using our provided first-quality fabric is covered by our ‘Total Satisfaction Guarantee’.

We are high-quality furniture restorers and upholstery experts with 30 years of experience. All our jobs come with our ‘Total Satisfaction Guarantee’ and we only use first-quality parts and materials.

I hope this helps you understand what the costs are to reupholster your furniture.  Of course, nearly all jobs are unique therefore we will advise and price per job and keep your costs to a minimum for a quality job – just contact us.

All our work is guaranteed and to a high-quality standard.

Your restored soft furniture is delivered back to you as new or better than new.

*All prices are plus the cost of fabric.