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Detail of quality of work

Reupholster and Restoration – Detail of the quality of work

Here are two occasional chairs we restored and reupholstered.

I’ve added nice close-up photographs to show the detailed quality of our work.

Detail of quality of work Detail of quality of work Detail of quality of work

I am often asked ‘what will it look like when it comes back’.  Our reupholstery service is not a second option to buying new. When we restore a chair or sofa etc we re-manufacture to the highest standard.  In some cases actually better than the original mass produced furniture or as close as we can when restoring ancient and antique furniture.  For example, we will use tacks and horse hair to match ancient reupholstery work.

Chair in Linwood Tweed

A Restored Circa 1972 Bridgecraft suite

Bridgecraft suite bought in 1972 rarely used only on special occasions. Fully refurbished in beautiful Linwood fabric. A complete transformation from the original dralon with ruching. We now have this modern woven fabric with simple piping and no fringe.

Sofa in Linwood Tweed

The 2 fireside chairs were fully restored in Linwood woolen tartan fabulous compliment to the suite.

Chair in Linwood Tweed

And a lovely touch child’s rocking chair long in the family covered in the tartan. Very cute and perfect for the new arrival when she grows into it.

Chair in Linwood Tartan

Very happy customers ??