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Leather Button Back Chair

Leather Reupholstery

Leather Reupholstery, repairs and adjustment

When completing leather reupholstery we only use high-quality leather hides for durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Mass-produced leather pieces simply cannot match the thickness, durability, and luxurious feel of our carefully selected hides. So, if you’re considering reupholstering your leather furniture, choose wisely and invest in our quality leather hides. Your furniture will thank you for it, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come. 

One of the significant advantages of using high-quality leather hides is their thickness. The hides we use measure between 3-4 mm, providing a robust and sturdy material for reupholstering. In contrast, mass-produced leather sofas often use hides that are thinly stretched or even actually fabric with a ‘leather’ spray.

Mass-produced pieces are more prone to tearing, cracking, and wearing out over time. They lack the structural integrity required to withstand regular use and can quickly deteriorate, leaving your furniture looking worn out and shabby.

Moreover, the leather hides we use provide a more luxurious and premium feel to your furniture. The thickness adds substantial weight to the upholstery, making it feel substantial and high-end. When you sit on a piece of furniture reupholstered with thick leather, you can immediately feel the difference in quality. 

In addition to the thickness, the quality of the leather hides we use is another significant factor that sets us apart from mass-produced options. We meticulously source our hides from reputable suppliers who prioritise quality over quantity.

The natural grains, textures, and variations in the leather add character and charm to the furniture. Each hide is unique and we cut around any marks to present your furniture to look the best. 

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