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Some common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we are asked. Are you thinking about reupholstery, planning the next project, or want to ask some questions about reupholstery? We have answered a number of frequent questions all about reupholstery – read on and do feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Is it worth reupholstering?

What does reupholstery cost?

It is cheaper to buy new furniture?

Can you replace my sofa seat foams?

Can you replace loose covers?

What does it cost to reupholster?

Is it cheaper to buy new?

Do you provide written estimates or quotes for work?

Do you reupholster Kingston High Backed Dining chairs?

Do you reupholster Kingston dining chairs?

Can you re-polish chair legs? – YES. We send polishing jobs to our partner company in Darlington. Our workshop in Darlington is soft furnishings only.

Can you fix a broken frame? – YES. All the time, we fix collapsed frames, broken springs and can completely restore any age or style frame.

Can you reduce the size of a sofa? – YES. As an example; we reduced a Duresta sofa from a large 3 seater sofa to a bespoke sized large 2 seater sofa to fit in a bay window. The sofa looked untouched ant fit perfectly.

Do you provide a national service? – YES. We receive reupholstery jobs from all over the UK and some items are shopped overseas, Italy and Spain etc.
Please book the job in with us first then ship the furniture to us as we have limited storage space.

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