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Is it cheaper to buy new?

Is it worth reupholstering?

Quite often for mass-produced furniture yes it can ‘cost less’ to buy new.

For higher-end furniture usually, it is less expensive to restore and reupholster.  For example Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique – George Smith – Wesley-Barrell will all cost more for a new version.  Of course, almost any antique furniture is worth restoring and reupholstering.

Let’s talk about the shop bought mass-produced furniture:


This is something to consider; reupholstering a mass-produced piece of furniture will, in fact, increase its value. The reason for this is that we only use high-quality upholstery fabric and the restoration will produce a bespoke high-end piece of furniture. You have transformed mass produced into a bespoke model.

We understand

We understand the conundrum but very often our customers will still go ahead with reupholstery even though they know ‘Is it cheaper to buy new’ because the furniture fits, they like it and it is more environmentally friendly to restore furniture using British craftsmen. You will have a bespoke high-quality piece made to order  – just for you.

Made to a price

Lastly; we live in an international trade world and as we all know, products can be cheap and easy to buy mostly because they are made overseas – China for example. These products are ‘made to a price’, using low-grade fabrics, leathers, and padding – it doesn’t last long intentionally – so we keep buying new.  Our restored and reupholstered items will last for probably longer than you actually need them.

I often say to our customers – ‘this will probably outlast you and me’ – and it will.