Terms of Service

1.1 These Conditions shall form the basis of the contract between BJU and the client in relation to the sale of Goods and/or Services, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions which the client may purport to apply under any purchase order or confirmation of order or any other document.
1.2 Acceptance of delivery of the Goods or commencement of the Services shall be deemed to be conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of these Conditions.
1.3 These Conditions represent the whole of the agreement between BJU and the client. They supersede any other conditions previously issued.
1.4 Acceptance of terms and conditions. A copy of these terms and conditions are available on our website bjupholstery.info. On acceptance of the quote, you are deemed to have entered into a contract with BJU and accepted our T&Cs. Your acceptance is defined by the date on which you either accept our online quote, the date of your email acceptance or the date on which you paid the deposit.
1.5 To avoid confusion telephone orders will not be accepted. Changes to orders can only be accepted in writing.

Payment terms and interest
2.1 A 50% non-refundable payment is required for us to accept an order and for any work to commence. The balance is due in full on collection/delivery. A payment of 50% will form an acceptance of the terms and conditions above.
2.2 Interest on the overdue invoices will be charged at 8% per month or part thereof.

3.1 The price shall be the price quoted on the agreed BJU quotation save as otherwise amended in these terms and conditions.
3.2 Carriage and delivery charges will be extra. The client can choose to collect or have delivered. The client must on acceptance of the quote confirm if they will collect or if BJU is to arrange delivery. The client can arrange their own delivery if required. The cost of delivery will be covered by the client unless the item is collected from our premises by the client.
3.3 Any additional instructions must be confirmed in writing and a price agreed for the additional work and materials before the work can proceed. Additional work, which may not be apparent when the estimate is provided, will be advised to the client on discovery and a course of action agreed upon. This includes frame repairs, which are hidden by upholstery.
3.4 Prices quoted stand for 30 days.