On the bench this week, Cadillac Car Seats.

Car seats are not something we reupholster too often.

We usually only work on car seat restoration rather that regular repairs etc.

This customer asked us to restore front and back seats of his ‘desert find’ Cadillac from Arizona where it sat for 30 years.

This is an interesting historic car seat resoration.

Real leather hide was requested to replace the original blue and grey, cloth now almost turned to dust.

Here are the┬áThe Cadillac Eldorado seats waiting to be stripped down – I wonder what we may find inside? Hopefully not a rattle snake!

Photos of the completed Cadillac Car Seats below.

Cadillac Seats

Cadillac Seats

The Leather Hides ready for the car seat restoration.

Leather Hide for Cadillac Seats

Cadillac seat

Cadillac seat