Repairs to sofas and chairs – helpful tips.

Is my sofa worth a repairing?

Good quality sofas and chairs are usually worth repairing or recovering.  Antique almost always and 1920’s to 1950’s upholstered furniture are so well made it will probably outlast you and me and appreciate in value.  1960’s and 70’s furniture is in high demand now and can fetch some astonishing prices.  Restored and reupholstered with new springs, fillings and foams can really bring a great design back to life – a design statment you can use every day.  Ercol for many years has been through our workshop and today appeals to all ages – always worth restoring.   I have a 1920’s drop-arm sofa that we recovered almost 20 years ago, it have lived in my living room, kitchen and now sits in a bedroom.  It cost me just £200 plus the reupholster and fabric, it is still as good as new and worth double what I paid.  In addition to all the good use and financial benefits it still looks beautiful today.

Less quality sofas and chairs like the Argos range or DFS and SCS sofas usually are not worth the repair or recover costs.  BUT; more often we find customers will invest in this type of upholstery due to the fact that the sofa ‘fits in the area just right’ or it is very comfortable and worth re-investing and keeping.

Re-Spring a sofa or chair. Often sofas will just sag and then the platform under the sear cushions will rip. A platform refit and replacement of modern ‘zig-zag’ springs is a straight forward job and will give you some extra years of use.  A cost for this is about £150 plus up-lift and delivery.

After; wing two seater sofa.

After; wing two seater sofa.

By Paul Harper | BJ Upholstery Restoration Manager.