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Ikea Sofa in Blue Plaid

Ikea Sofa

An Ikea sofa? Although it tends to be more cost-effective to reupholster high end furniture, retro, collectors and antique furniture we are more often now restoring, altering and reupholstering originally lower costed soft furniture, like this Ikea sofa; which looks and feels absolutely delightful.

Reasons vary; from the customer just likes the style and it fits the room to not able to find the style they like and sometimes just wanted to design their own sofa reusing an established frame for environmental reasons.

The benefit too is that once restored this sofa is something else. We strip the original sofa to its bare frame, fix and amend and make good all the internals then reupholster from there. Fabrics and materials are of a much higher standard and quality than those used for furniture manufactured to a tight budget. Therefore here we have a bespoke, customised hand-built high-quality sofa made in Britain that will last a generation. Is it still an Ikea sofa?

An Ikea Sofa
Ikea Sofa in Blue Plaid
Leather sofa with Linwood seat and back

Updating Leather Chair and Sofa using Linwood Fabric

A clever idea this; our customer has a wonderful set of leather chair and sofa. The seat and back cushions were remade in a beautiful Linwood weave fabric to transform a dated leather set to a modern contemporary and stylish sofa and chair.

 Linwood Fabric is a very high-quality fabric at a great cost. All our fabrics are first quality and always upholstery grade. These fabrics are superior to the mass-produced fabric used for retail outlets. Therefore when you upgrade and reupholster you are creating a top line piece of furniture that will last for a long time.

We made the new scatter cushions too – also in Linwood Fabric.

Leather chair with Linwood seat and back