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The restoration and reupholstery of an Antique Chaise Longue

A chaise longue is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs.

This rather lovely 100 year old chaise was restored and reupholstered by BJ Upholstery – below you can see it on its journey.

chaise longue

As it started.

chaise longue - restoration

Removeing the dislodged coil springs.

Frame re-structured and webbed. Deep button back completed. Spring. were re-tied in

chaise longue. Now fully restored and upholstered ready to last another 100 years.

Replacement Cushion Foams

Replacing cushion foams on your sofa/chair can bring it back to life, make your furniture look better and more comfortable.

Replacement, cushion, foams.

New Foam inners - completed

Foam cut to size

All our replacement cushions are made to order in our workshop, bespoke to each case and your preferences.  We fit the replacement foams correctly to your cushion cases and can collect and deliver if required.  The replacement foams are fire retardant and come with a  fibre wrap and a stockinette outer for a soft touch.


Depending on the size and shape the price for an average 26″ x 23″ x 6″ is in the region of £65 each. A large two seater sofa pair of seat foams tends to be about £185 – less if we can.  Please contact us for an accurate price – remember to include dimensions and your location if you require collection and delivery.  Our prices include correct fitting to the case and disposal of the old foams.

Ask questions about Replacement cushion foams:

Sofa half replaced seat foams

Leather chairs - before and after

Hope this was of use!

Bespoke replacement foams


Bespoke built to fit replacement seat foams.
Bespoke built to fit replacement seat foams.

Bespoke built to fit replacement seat foams.

Leather sofa - new seat foams

Above is a fixed seat leather sofa. We replaced all the seat foams and boosted the arm foams.

Bespoke craftsman reupholstery

We are restoring a 19th century button back fireside chair.

Restoring antique button-back fireside chair

Antique upholstery restoration and reupholstery a specialism – contact us for a quote.

Restoring antique button-back fireside chair.  Bespoke-craftsman-reupholstery.

And the restored and reupholstered button back fireside chair…

Button back chair reupholstered