Monthly Archives: September 2023

Re Upholstered Chair

Just delivered a beautifully re upholstered chair to our customer in Darlington! She was thrilled and said it looked even better than when it was new. That’s because when we work on a piece, we rebuild it with quality materials and tailor it to the customer’s unique design. Your furniture deserves the best!

Linwood Stripe Wing Chair

Linwood Stripe Wing Chair

Reupholstered for our customer in Darlington. Just delivered a Linwood stripped chair to our customer in Darlington and it looks like a whole new piece! The transformation is incredible. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and this chair is a true testament to that.

Parker Knoll Style Chairs

Check out these stunning chairs that we recently altered and reupholstered for a customer! Our customer wanted a firmer seat and a different arm style, and we were more than happy to make those changes. The result? Absolute perfection!

Reupholstered Parker Knoll Style Chairs.