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Cintique chair

Cintique Chairs Restored Including Wood Frame

Cintique Restoration Specialists

Since 1908, Cintique has been renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality, comfortable chairs and sofas. Our expert team is dedicated to preserving this legacy by offering comprehensive restoration and reupholstery services for Cintique furniture.

We recently had the pleasure of restoring and reupholstering a beautiful pair of Cintique chairs, tailored precisely to our customer’s specifications. The frames, worn and scratched after 40 years of use, were meticulously re-varnished, and the upholstery was fully renewed, resulting in a stunning transformation.

Our expertise extends beyond Cintique; we specialise in restoring all furniture brands, including all quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings. Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique – George Smith – Wesley-Barrell – Tetrad Furniture – Delcore – Heals designer sofa – Jane Churchill – Multiyork – commercial too.

Contact us to restore quality branded furniture and experience the quality of professional restoration.

Parker Knoll Chair

Parker Knoll

A beautifully restored pair of exposed wood Parker Knoll fireside or occasional chairs. We meticulously stripped and waxed the frames, bringing out the natural grain and lustre of the wood. The chairs have been expertly reupholstered, blending timeless elegance with modern comfort.

A pair of Parker Knoll exposed wood chairs. We wood-stripped and waxed the frame and Reupholstered.

Parker Knoll Chairs before

We tend not to publish the “before” images often as they can make our website pages look a bit drab. However, I think this pair of Parker Knoll chairs made in 1950 justifies showing you what we can produce. Consider how much service this pair of chairs has given over the last 74 years. After our restoration, you can see how great they look, how sturdy they feel, and how comfortable they are. This usable pair of chairs are a design icon and from an environmental standpoint It’s the perfect way to furnish your home, and from a design standpoint, why wouldn’t you want something beautiful, interesting, and unique in your home?