1960’s Ercol sofas and chairs. The fabric selected was a Ross Aqua clean. We replaced the cushion interiors for better comfort too. See more Ercol furniture we have restored or reupholstered.

Ercol Chair

Ercol Chairs

A pair of Ercol chairs updated and uplifted in Linwood cotton print. Delivered to our customers home in Durham. See more Ercol furniture. BJ Upholstery in Darlington | Design it your way | Free Estimates | High-Quality Reupholstery Experts. We restore quality, important, historic, antique, and retro soft furnishings. Specialist in: Sherborne – Duresta – […]

Ercol pads in Linwood fabric

Ercol seat pads in Linwood fabric

You will be surprised at how new quality sea-pads feel. Often customers will say the padding/foam is fine, indeed it will feel ‘fine’. When compared to replacement modern quality seat foams the difference is huge. So, here we have a set of classic Ercol chairs we made new seat cases for along with new seat […]

Ercol Sofa close

Ercol Sofa

The wood frame has been stripped and waxed to its natural colour. We made new cushions in a fabric from the Ross Bramley collection in chocolate brown. The frame was re-webbed. Delivery to Northumberland. Our customer purchased the sofa new from ‘Oliviers of Richmond and Barnard Castle’ new 35 years ago. Isn’t it wonderful to […]

Ercol Chair

A Fine example of an Ercol Bentwood Chair.

This fine example of an Ercol Chair. Always a pleasure to work with. Our customer chose a plaid shade to coordinate with the bentwood English elm, a perfect fresh look. A little about Ercol Since 1944 Ercol has produced chairs with a bentwood frame and an arched back supporting delicate spindles. The wood selected was […]



One of our favourites, Duresta are extremely well made robust and classically stylish soft furnishings. Contemporary in design, they are a modern classic that can be restored and redesigned many times. We reupholstered this delightful Duresta chair in the customer’s own fabric from a village near Whitby. Duresta | BJU are Duresta specialists. Repairs, restoration […]

Loose covers for sofa - detail

Uplift, repair, and return service​.

Repairs.All types of repairs. Our Uplift, repair, and return service will fix the most common problems like the broken frame, replace springs and repair the under-seat platform. Ask for a specific quote. Prices include repair parts but may require additional parts like new bespoke foams or sprung units – please ask for a quote.  The […]

Featured image - leather chair - 1200

Is it cheaper to buy new?

Is it worth reupholstering? Quite often for mass-produced furniture yes it can ‘cost less’ to buy new. For higher-end furniture usually, it is less expensive to restore and reupholster.  For example Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique – George Smith – Wesley-Barrell will all cost more for a new […]

Repairs to sofas and chairs – helpful tips.

Is my sofa worth a repairing? Good quality sofas and chairs are usually worth repairing or recovering.  Antique almost always and 1920’s to 1950’s upholstered furniture are so well made it will probably outlast you and me and appreciate in value.  1960’s and 70’s furniture is in high demand now and can fetch some astonishing prices. […]

Our Cosy Showroom

Photo’s of Our Showroom located at 17 Clarks Yard, Darlington, County Durham DL3 7QH. Since the recent pandemic we have changed our showroom for more storage.  To call into the showroom please reachout to make an appointment.  BJ Upholstery in Darlington | Design it your way | Free Estimates | High-Quality Reupholstery Experts. We restore […]

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For The Best Quality, Professional Reupholstery.Specialist Restorer And Upholsterer List Of Services Reupholstery. Sofa repairs. Chair repairs. Spring replacement. Full Upholsterer Services. Antique chairs and sofas reupholstered. Upholstered furniture repairs. Curtain making and installation. Blind making and installation. Car, Campervan – Motorhome, Caravan upholstery. Commercial reupholstery contracts. Hotel soft furniture reupholstery and restoration. Bespoke sofa […]

Featured image - leather chair - 1200


Welcome to BJ Upholstery High-Quality Reupholstery. We restore quality, important, historic, antique and retro soft furnishings. Specialist in: Sherborne – Duresta – Vale Bridgecraft – Parker knoll – Ercol – Cintique. Exceptionally crafted furniture repairs, alterations, restoration and reupholstery completed. We are available to quote and guide on work, feel free to Phone Jo or […]