Victorian Sofa

Victorian deep button sofa.

I have been looking forward to sharing this item. A very rare and on-trend genuine Victorian sofa. It looks luscious in the customers’ own fabric – a rich port red. Unknown to most is the craftsmanship inside the sofa. Been a Victorian piece of a very high quality the frame was is strengthened by cast-iron […]

Hand crafted button back Victorian Chair

A beautiful and extremely comfortable Victorian chair. Fully restored to include all hand-tied base springs and padding with a wad base. Now looking as-new at over 100 years old.  Upholstered in W&B Scottish leather. For the highest quality craftsmanship in furniture restoration and reupholstery. All our work comes with the ‘Total Satisfaction Guarantee’. A family business […]

Antique button back chair

Antique furniture is amazing value currently Restored and reupholstered in a modern fabric creates a classic that will last for a very long time. A lovely antique button back chair restored and reupholstered in a light soft velvet – gorgeous!

Leather Button Back Chair

One of the most lovely chairs I have seen for a while. Leather Button Back Chair It was in bad condition but the frame structure was good and most importantly the owner found it so very comfortable. Indeed we had to wait till after a comfortable Christmas to collect and start the restoration. Leather is […]

Nursing Chair

Nursing Chairs

You can design a super corner filler or occasional chair. You can design the style, fabric, and trim. Add a button back or plain, add a cushion or change the wood colour. Some completed upholstery examples are shown below.

Barker sofa

A Modern Take on a Chesterfield Sofa.

I recognised this sofa as soon as I saw it. Originally sold through Barker and Stonehouse furniture shop back in the 1980s. It’s a quality piece of classic furniture, basically a relaxed oversized Chesterfields sofa without the deep buttons. Originally retailed in a Kilim fabric that was slightly rough to the touch, a bit like […]

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Search for what you are looking for. Let’s say you want to see some Parker Knoll reupholstery – just type Parker Knoll in the search field on the right if using a desktop computer. Or tap the magnifying glass icon at the top if you are using a smartphone or tablet. Search for anything – […]

New Foam inners - completed

Replacement Seat Foam Cushions

We replace seat foam cushion very often New Foam inners – completed   Upgrading from sagging fibre or feather cushions or just flattened older foam seat cushions. We use high-grade quality FR foams wrapped in fibre to give a soft touch but with firm support. Contact us to book a quote. All replacement foam seat […]

Bench seating close

Pub Work – bar chairs

Commercial work, Pub and Bar work.  Here are a couple of pub chairs we replaced the seat pad, upholstered and finished with a traditional nail stud-strip. And pub bench seating below.   Bench seating in the Darlingtons ‘Bar 22’ on Coniscliffe Road. Traditional and classic style. And bench seating in Seaham. Deep button backs in […]

Featured image - leather chair - 1200

What does it cost to reupholster?

The cost to reupholster depends on the time taken to complete the job, parts and collection/delivery. Here is an idea of ‘What does it cost to reupholster?’ All guide prices are plus the cost of fabric as fabric costs range from £45-£120+ per meter or you can provide your own fabric.  We will usually view the […]

Footstool in leather

Footstool in leather

An antique footstool reupholstered in leather To match a fireside chair we reupholstered. We recently restored an antique fireside chair in this leather hide. There was just enough leather to cover this footstool also.  So here it is about completed waiting on the bench for the finishing touches of upholstery round headed pins in each corner.  See the […]

Pub, Bar and Restaurant Work

Professional and Long-Lasting Quality Reupholstery for the Commercial Business; Pub, Bar and Restaurant Work We work for ‘Toby Carvery’ through the North East and many of our amazing Pubs, Bars, Hotels and Restaurants.  Commercial work is completed as and when required to fit with the business schedules.  Nearly all jobs will need to be uplifted to our […]